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SHC Mini-Tank Water Heater

SHC Mini Tank Water Heater

Product ID: SBE-SHCminitank   

This unit has a small storage tank with 4 GAL (15L) capacity. 

  • Provides plenty of hot water for hand washing or kitchen type applications.

  • Once it is filled with water, simply plug it into a 110-120V outlet. With only a 10 amp. current draw, no special wiring is required . 

  • The unit installs right under or near the sink.

  • Mounts to the wall (bracket included)

Free Shipping
(Lower 48 States Only)
Price:  $235.00    

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Price:  $235.00

The housing is very attractively designed and is white plastic which will not rust.

  • Unit has a welded steel tank with glass lining and a sacrificial anode rod.

  • The SHC 4 will be shipped with a P&T valve. 

The pricing and warranty will be competitive with other units on the market. This is a high quality product with a very good life expectancy.

Technical Specifications

110 - 120
 Nominal water volume
Gal / L 
3.96 / 15
 Weight empty
Lbs / kg 
22 / 10
Inch / cm 
18.19 / 46.2
Inch / cm 
12.28 / 31.2
Inch / cm 
12.28 / 31.2
 Maximum operating pressure
PSI / Bar 
150 / 10
 Maximum adjustable temperature
F / C 
171 / 77
 Recovery time
 Water connections
1/2" NPT

Descriptions to the specifications above:

  • The Model SCH 4 Mini has a single phase, all households in the US are single phase.

  • Voltage is 110-120v, most homes are 240.  The wattage is 1200 as electricity is measured in kilowatt hours.  

  • Amperage is incoming service to your home.  You will need at least 11 amps to run this unit.

  • Nominal water volume is the actual amount of water volume within the unit at any given time while running.

  • Weight empty is the weight of the unit as it is empty.

  • The dimensions are the size of the unit itself.  This unit takes up much less space than a conventional water tank heater.

  • Maximum operating pressure is the amount of pressure the unit will work at.  (PSI - Pounds per square inch).  Homes in the city run on 80 psi and in the rural area homes run on 40-60 psi.

    Free Shipping
    (Lower 48 States Only)
    Price:  $235.00    

    For shipping prices and options, add to cart.
    Note some products have free shipping.

The voltage, amperage, and circuit breaker specifications must be met for this heater to function. Please make sure all requirements are met before purchasing this heater. 
If you have any questions about these requirements, 
please call 406-889-5288.


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